Earn 100% on your first $100!

First time parents and grandparents love to prepare their homes for baby at the JBF sale! 

So....we are offering YOU a BONUS when at least three of the following items are SOLD at our Sale:

All items must pass safety and recall inspection, be clean, and be in great condition.  The total of the 3 items' tagged prices must equal to at least $100 to qualify for the bonus. You will only receive the BONUS if at least 3 of your qualifying items are SOLD at our sale. Verification of your qualifying items sold will be done after the sale is over. 

The following items do not qualify: booster (car) seats, booster high chairs, umbrella strollers, doorway swings/jumpers.

To get the bonus, ask for the 100% Bonus Form when you drop off at least 3 qualifying items at the Safety Inspection Station.

Validation by our safety inspection team must occur when dropping off items to receive the bonus.