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So much about our sale—the amazing people, the fabulous deals, the huge selection—will be the same. But due to our current times, things WILL look a bit different. You know how at the grocery store, you have to follow certain new standards? We'll be doing the same. We will be following guidelines put forward by Center for Disease Control (CDC) and our local government and health officials. Here's what to expect.


Pre-Scheduled Shopping Times:  We will be limiting our shopper flow through our facility. To make sure we have time for everyone to shop, we will ask you to register for a specific shopping time.  You can do that on our website www.olympia.jbfsale.com.

Are you well?  We will be asking anyone who does not feel well or shows any of the symptoms published by CDC to please not attend.

Grown-up Shoppers only, if possible:  For their safety, we are asking parents to please not bring children to the sale.  If you must bring children, please
keep them with you at all times (you are responsible or their social
distancing) and kids old enough to wear a mask must wear one.

Shopping Bags:  We ask that you plan to bring your own shopping bags to the sale. If you would like to purchase bags AT the sale, we will have some large IKEA-type bags available for $2 each.




Entrance:  As you enter, please show your electronic shopping time ticket on
your phone.  Hand sanitizer will be made available to you as you check in.

Distancing:  We will ask that shoppers who are not from the same family unit stay 6 feet from one another (physical distancing).

Masks:  We will ask that all our participants wear a mask.  If you do not have one, we will have some available at our sale.  All employees and team members will be wearing masks to help keep you safe as well.

Check Out Line:  With the lower numbers of shoppers entering the building
throughout the day, our goal is to keep checkout lines short.  Please stand 6
feet behind the shopper in front of you..

At the Register:  Checkout stations will be placed 6 feet apart with shoppers
standing 6 feet away from cashiers or a shield between you and the cashier will be added for added protection.  Contact-free payment methods will be
available including Scan/Pay from your PayPal app.



Behind the scenes to insure your safety, we will be taking the follow safety measures and practices:

• We will perform regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces.
• We will ask all Employees & Team Members to wear masks.
• Space between racks will be widened to allow for distancing.
• We will be performing regular hand washing.





What better way to combine a love of shopping, saving money, making money and going green by recycling gently used items!